Velkommen / Show
 I have been part of the exhibition, but not so much more. One reason is that there are not many Maine Coon at the show anymore, so you
can get an ex 1 just because it's the only one in its class and there's not much to know. Another reason for it is a really bad experience,
not for me, but for one of my cats who had to sit and wait in a single cage for 1.5 hours because there was a very slow and unsuitable
judge of that day. After that experience, I decided that I would not spend a lot of time and money on the other. Maybe if there is a big
show with more competitors of the race, one day. Today it is the Norwegian Forestry cat that fills the most in a show and gets the best ratings.
I personally found that in Denmark there are a lot of beautiful Maine Coons, but the big breeders do not get on display anymore, so the
breed is disappearing from there, where they were beautifully represented a year ago and it was a really good experience .
But it will never change my view that a Maine Coon is the most beautiful cat in the world and the biggest race with most personality.
European Maine Coon Show 2015
My daughter with Kida, filmed for television - Vejle
My daughter with Kida, filmed for television TV2 - Århus
DK Gideon v/Inge Riis | - Danmark