Lovely photo of Gideon`s kitten
I am very grateful for every picture I receive. Thanks to all those who still think of that I would love to receive pictures of my breeding
Hummer Power, 6 month
Gideon’s Bella me, 4 years
Gideon’s Touch of fire
Gideon’s Tesla Rosso, 7 month
Nina Ku Panda, 6 years
Gideon`s Chrysler Vision, 6 month
Gideon`s Phanda Rosa 1,5 år
Gideon`s Hummer Power 5,5 måned
Gideon`s Crysler Vision 5.5 måned
Gideon’s Morgan Main, 16 uger, bor sammen med storesøster Gideon`s Phanda Rosa

Gideon’s Betulla Dion, 3 år
Gideon's Phanda Rosa, 8 month
Gideon’s Touch of Fire, 6 month
Gideon's Victory Pearl, 3 years
Gideon's Betulla Dion, 2 years
Gideon's Phanda Rosa
Gideon's Alto Dion 2 år
Gideons Malaika
Gideons Chica Da Silva
Gidteons Panton Dion
GIdeons Gloria
Gideon`s Victory Pearl
Gideon's Malaika
Malaika er en stor pige på 7 kilo
her sammen med hendes bedste ven Schæfer
Gideon`s Alto Dion
Gideon`s Chamana Dion (Iris)
Gideon`s Chica Da Silva (Silva)
Gideon`s Alto Dion
Gideon`s Chamana Dion
Gideon`s Chica Da Silva 
Gideon`s Malaika
Gideon`s Jason Statham
Gideon`s Victory Pearl
DK Gideon v/Inge Riis | - Danmark