Velkommen / Develoment
 It will take too long to tell what it takes to be breeder in a serious, loving and attentive way. After years of breeding of the largest breed cat Maine Coon, I am a diploma breeder, spend hours on my cats every day and there are still unexpected things that may show you where you need to get help from a mentor. It has wondered that some vet do not know much about cats compared to dogs. It may not be because dogs are worth more because you give approx. 1,800 euros for a breeding cat from abroad.
Through the years with kittens, I have often thought how to see if they are suitable for breeding.
Today I can rate a newborn kitten, as that is the term, and that changes over a few days, but comes back the more they grow.
To see if I'm right, I will follow my boy with pictures so it will be exciting to see when he has grown out as 4 to 5 years old.
Fortunate Son, Born 31. maj 2017, weight 155 gram.
Fortunate has so many of his mother Jungle Man's Kida expressions. But the ears are very big and I have wondered where they are inherited from. His father, Aldona's Gift Vigo does not seem to have that big ear at the age of 3 months, and Kida does not have that big ear at that age. After looking at pictures of his ancestors as adults, they could come from Grandmother Eagel, but time must show.
DK Gideon v/Inge Riis | - Danmark